SUTD PhD Programme

SUTD PhD Programme

The SUTD PhD Programme offers you a chance to collaborate with the best minds in their fields and conduct breakthrough research that will make a difference to the world.

Our fluid, stimulating and open setting creates an environment which places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative research and provides opportunities for industry internships, overseas research attachments and teaching experience.

The SUTD PhD Programme also features:

  • Access to multiple world-class faculty with co-supervision flexibility
  • Leading-edge research experience through potential overseas research attachments at top universities worldwide
  • Close research collaboration and exposure to industry through local or overseas internships
    • PhD Industry Internships: PhD students can embark on an Industry Internship Programme (of up to 6 months). This will expose them to hands-on experience with industry projects, a broader research scope to supplement their PhD research, network with other research industries and attain course credits for their candidature
  • Participation in a multi-disciplinary design experience
  • Professional development programme and teaching experience
  • Attractive scholarship funding

Curriculum Overview

Upon enrolment, students will pursue a PhD under these academic tracks:

  • Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) – focusing on sustainable architectural and urban solutions to meet the present and future needs of buildings and cities
  • Engineering Product Development (EPD) – focusing on innovative technology-intensive products that span multiple disciplines
  • Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) – focusing on large-scale complex systems whose performance and function depend on their technology and socio-economic context
  • Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) – focusing on information systems that interact with the physical world, humans and machines
  • Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) – focusing on wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research that is grounded in Science and Math fundamentals and with practical applications
  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) – focusing on understanding social and technological transformations through empowering lenses of humanities and social sciences

Students who successfully complete the programme will graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy degree under the same academic pillar.

PhD Coursework

Candidature Period (Full-time)

  • Minimum Residency: 3 years
  • Maximum Residency: 5 years

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the PhD Programme starts in September and ends the following August.
Each Academic Year is divided into three semesters where coursework is taken:

  1. September to December
  2. January to April 
  3. May to August

Research Areas of SUTD Faculty Members

Potential applicants who are interested in the SUTD PhD Programme are required to indicate their research topics of interest and may identify SUTD faculty member(s) whose research focus are closely aligned to their research areas of interest. Please visit the following links for more information about our faculty members and their research areas.