A-Level Certifications (International)

Criteria for Admission

Use this application form only if you are applying with A-Level Certifications from UK (Cambridge, Edexcel, OCR, AQA), Sri Lanka, Hong Kong or Brunei. You should have good passes in at least three Advanced Level subjects within the same sitting, either from the same or different examination boards. Advanced Level subjects with final paper taken in different periods of time are unacceptable. Please submit only one electronic application form as duplicate applications would not be processed.

If you are applying with predicted results as attested by your high school or Advanced Subsidiary Level results, and are shortlisted, you will be required to take the SUTD University Entrance Examination (UEE).

Please upload the following documents in PDF format to the online application form.

  1. Passport particulars page (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents must provide Singapore Identity Card. International students must submit passport particulars page)

  2. Academic results 

    • O-Level or IGCSE (with numerical scores) or junior high school equivalent examination results slips/transcripts.

    • Actual Advanced Level results (with numerical scores) or Advanced Subsidiary Level results (for those who have yet to receive the actual A-Level results). Those applying with Advanced Subsidiary Level results, must submit the actual Advanced Level results (with numerical scores) within 3 days following the official release date

    • University academic transcripts (for current or former university student)

  3. School or any other relevant testimonial(s)/recommendation letter(s) (optional)

  4. Supporting documents of your past experiences in leadership, involvement in relevant research/ internship/ entrepreneurship programmes, community service, and significant achievements that you consider to be most important

For an overview of the online application process, please refer to the application guide.