Application Guide

We recommend that you go through the Admission Requirements before starting your application.

We only accept application made through the SUTD Admissions System. Please submit only one electronic application form as duplicate applications will not be processed.

You may refer to this step-by-step guide to prepare the information and documents needed for the application.

Steps Details
Personal Particulars
  • Fill out your personal information accurately.

  • Key in your full name and nationality as per your NRIC, Passport or Birth Certificate.

  • UPLOAD a copy of the front and back of your NRIC (for Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents) or Passport particulars page (for International Students).

Contact Information
  • Provide a valid email address (at least 6 months from registration).

  • Provide a valid contact number.

Academic Qualification
  • Provide details of your academic grades.

  • UPLOAD Academic Transcripts and Certificates (at secondary/junior high and senior high school levels).

Supplementary Results
This section is optional except for certain International Qualifications.
  • Key in any additional test results, e.g. English proficiency test, if any or as required.

  • UPLOAD a copy of the official test result, if any or as required.

Personal Insight Questions
  • Please provide your responses to the personal insight questions to present new and additional information that will be helpful for your application.

Recommendation/ Testimonial
  • List up to two referees and their contact details. Your referee(s) should be persons who know you well academically (e.g. your teacher from High School/Polytechnic) or professionally (your internship or work supervisor) and for at least half a year recently. Do seek your referee(s)’ consent before listing them.

  • UPLOAD your school or any other relevant testimonial(s)/recommendation letter(s).

Outstanding/ Relevant Achievements
  • List your past experiences in leadership, involvement in relevant research/ internship/ entrepreneurship programmes, community service, and significant achievements that you consider to be most important. These experiences and achievements should be within the last four years.

  • UPLOAD the supporting documents (e.g. SGC) for the achievements listed above.

  • Share any other interesting information about yourself such as your hobbies and interests. You may submit URLs to your videos on social media websites, such as YouTube.

  • You may also include your relevant work experiences (if any)

Other Information
  • Indicate your interest in one of the majors.

  • If applicable,

    • share details of your enrolment in another University
    • declare any past convictions of a criminal offence
    • share if you require any special assistance and/or facilities to support your disability, impairment or medical condition.
Scholarships and Financial Aid
Special Programmes
This section is optional.
  • Indicate if you wish to apply for any of the special programmes below:

  • If you are applying for more than one special programme, you will be required to rank them in order of preference. You will be informed of the programme you are shortlisted for prior to the interview, except for the SUTD-Duke-NUS Special Track where the review will be done after your acceptance to SUTD. If successful, you will also be informed of the specific programme which you have been offered.

Tuition Grant
  • Singapore Citizens to put in a declaration for    Tuition Grant.

  • Singapore Permanent Residents and International Students to indicate intention to apply for Tuition Grant.

  • Indicate declaration that information provided in the application is accurate.

  • We value your feedback so we can continue to do better. Your responses will help us identify opportunities for improvement in our application processes and user experience.