Scholarships Administered by SUTD

If you are keen to be considered for SUTD scholarships (STEP Scholarship, SUTD Global Excellence ScholarshipSUTD Global Distinguished Scholarship, and SUTD Global Merit Scholarship) simply indicate your interest to apply for the scholarships in your admission application. 

Apart from the SUTD scholarships, many donors have also generously supported outstanding SUTD students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership qualities, special talents, good moral character and strong community spirit with their scholarships. Beyond monetary benefits, the donor scholarships could provide you with exceptional learning opportunities, choice internship placements, and even employment at renowned organisations upon graduation. As many donor scholarships give special consideration to those with financial need, do apply for the donor scholarships as part of your financial aid application.

You may apply for both SUTD and donor scholarships at the same time to improve your chances of being awarded a scholarship.
We will evaluate your application for admission and scholarship at the same time, and will inform you of the specific scholarship you have been awarded along with the admission offer should your application be successful.