Inspiring our youths in Human-Centred Designs grounded in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

SUTD's outreach experience – daVinci@SUTD, takes inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) – a man

  • who is ahead of his time, has excellent imaginative power and very innovative ideas arising from the deep blending of science and arts; and
  • who is an artist, architect, engineer and scientist – combined.

Through the daVinci@SUTD experience, we invite youths to participate in our signature workshops, design challenges, and mentorship programmes that build on SUTD's distinctive educational offerings and world-class research expertise and facilities and be inspired by real-life heart-warming stories.

The daVinci@SUTD experience will offer participants a glimpse into SUTD – where human-centric, data-driven science and technology, with humanities, arts and social science education and innovations, are encouraged to flourish to serve societal needs.

Specifically, our youths will experience SUTD's brand of interdisciplinary education – be it in designing better products, systems, digital services, or the built environment; and learn how these may be applied to solving some of the world’s challenges in areas such as healthcare, urban planning and sustainability. They will participate in activities led by faculty and staff members from across different disciplines – artists, architects, engineers, and social scientists working together. Deeply passionate students also organise activities to share SUTD's human-centred design and makers' culture and inspire other like-minded youths. Many activities are supported by SUTD’s partners, including industry leaders, government agencies, and Arts Institutions – so that students will be able to relate from the SUTD experiences to real-world applications.

The daVinci@SUTD experience will encourage students to develop innovative solutions to the problems/challenges by applying design thinking methodology and the concepts learnt, rather than finding a "correct" answer. Our youths will also learn that it is just as essential to master the "how" to design with purpose and answer the "why" of developing solutions. In the process, we hope to inspire them to become innovators who "Better the World" by Design with innovative, sustainable and human-centric solutions grounded in Design and Technology to solve world problems for the good of society and humanity.

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