Early Matriculation

Be recognised as an SUTD Student early - get a headstart by getting involved!

To help ease your transition to university life, SUTD welcomes students who would like to get plugged into the SUTD community even before the main cohort matriculates in September. The Early Matriculation Exercise is available to SC/PR students who have a place reserved in SUTD for that Academic Year.

For Incoming AY2022 Freshmen
SUTD Early Matriculation Exercise 2022 is open for Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident students who have a place reserved in SUTD for the Academic Year 2022 intake. This year, there will be two exercises:
  • Early Matriculation @ Spring (happened in January 2022)
  • Early Matriculation @ Summer (starts in June 2022)
Details for Early Matriculation @ Summer will be sent to students in end-May 2022.

Through this special exercise, you can re-connect with friends, make new ones, meet future school mates and engage in meaningful activities before classes start formally. Upon completing the matriculation procedures, you will be issued with an SUTD student card on that day and start enjoying the benefits of an SUTD student, including access to facilities, participate in Fifth Row activities, sign up for the Special Summer Integrated Learning Programme (SS ILP) and many more!  

What’s in it for me?

There are various benefits to matriculate early. As part of the SUTD community, you can:

Access to University Facilities and Resources

Sports Facilities

The Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities to cater to the different interests and needs of its’ students and staff. Upon matriculation, you will be able to access these facilities at the SRC. You may refer the SRC page for more details of the following:

  • List of indoor facilities
  • List of outdoor facilities
  • Operating hours
  • Booking of sports facilities


Students will have access to library and digital resources, including space usage, the loan of books, usage and loan of gadgets and access to online e-resources.

Fabrication Laboratory

Upon matriculation and completion of mandatory Fab Lab equipment training, students will be able to access 3D printers, laser-cutters and other general purpose tools, subject to availability. (Early Fab Lab Training is available for EM@Spring students only)

Take Part in Fifth Row Clubs and Activities

Co-curricular activities are termed as Fifth Row in SUTD, as it is the fifth ‘subject’ students do every term in addition to their four academic subjects. Hours are set aside for Fifth Row so that you can pursue your passions.

Fifth Row is an important aspect of the holistic education that SUTD offers. Beyond promoting campus vibrancy, it provides opportunities for you to develop yourself beyond academics to your fullest potential.

To foster strong synergy amongst the deeply diverse groups, the student clubs are categorised into five clusters led by cluster representatives. The clusters are Arts, Community, Sports, Culture and Makers.

There are over 80 student groups on campus.

Represent SUTD in Competitions

As a fully matriculated student, you are also eligible to partake in the sporting activities SUTD has to offer. In addition, if you meet the selection criteria, you will also have the opportunity to participate and represent SUTD at sports competitions, which are organised by the local Tertiary Sports Councils*, or other ‘Open’ competitions.

*SUTD is represented at the Singapore Universities and Institute Varsity Polytechnic Sports Councils. The former comprises of representatives from all the six local Universities whilst the latter includes all the local Universities, Polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education. As part of these sporting communities, SUTD sports teams will have the opportunity to participate and represent SUTD at the sports competitions which are organised by these councils annually. In addition to that, there are also potentially other open or national tertiary competitions. For details, you may email to studentlife@sutd.edu.sg

Volunteer in Outreach

Join us as volunteers in our various outreach activities to schools and “infect” others with the same passion which fuelled your decision to join the University. You can inspire and change lives! Simply register your interest to be a volunteer and we will keep you informed when opportunities arise.

Special Summer Integrated Learning Programme (SS ILP)

The Special Summer Integrated Learning Programme (SS ILP) is an optional SUTD bridging programme offering preparatory courses in Mathematics/Physics, Chemistry/Biology and Computing for students who will be commencing study in the upcoming academic year.

This programme is designed with the aim of ensuring students' readiness for the Freshmore foundation curriculum as well as providing a holistic learning experience to enthuse the students about the subjects. While the topics are taught in a compact schedule over 6 weeks each, each subject will be delivered in an interactive lecture format which may include inquiry-based and experiential learning through interesting case studies, 1D Big-D design experiences, learning journeys and problem solving to gain a better appreciation of the theoretical concepts taught.

Find out more about SS ILP.

Travel at Concessionary Rates on Public Transport

As an Early Matriculated student, you are able to apply for the Undergraduate Concession Card directly from any TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Offices (CCROs) and enjoy travel on public transport at concessionary rates.

Office of Student Administration (OSA) will provide more information on the application period and instructions at a later date. EM@Summer students should expect to receive an email from OSA regarding TransitLink Concession Card by mid to end-July 2022.

Intern with SUTD Research Centres or Start-ups

(Available for EM@Spring only) 

Students are eligible to apply for and be considered for internship with one of our SUTD research centres or start-ups. These internships held during the period of February to June, provide an opportunity for you to work on real world projects, build your network and have a taste of possible career pathways that can shape your future selection of pillars and tracks. 

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

(Available for EM@Spring only)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is a Fifth Row activity where SUTD undergraduates are given the opportunity to explore their research interest and participate in different phases of standard research activity which include developing research plans, writing proposals, conducting research,
analyzing data and presenting research results in oral and written form.

In addition to fostering a spirit of learning and inquiry amongst our undergraduates by engaging faculty and students on cutting edge and innovative research projects, UROPers (students taking UROP) become familiar with the faculty, learn about the pillars, and engage in hands-on application of theories learnt in class.

The practical skills and knowledge gained can eventually be applied to careers after graduation or as graduate students. Registration starts in early March.

Find out more about UROP.

Are there any costs involved?

Tuition fees are not chargeable until September 2022. Only the Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees (CMF) will be charged.

  • EM@Spring: CMF paid in January 2022 will cover you till August 2022.
  • EM@Summer: CMF paid in June 2022 will cover you till December 2022.

SS ILP Classes are chargeable. Please refer to the SS ILP page for class schedules and fees.