The SUTD community is made up of a melting pot of diverse backgrounds that have different approaches to life and ideals. We strive to provide a safe and conducive environment that caters to the needs of the community.
Whether you are a prospective, current or graduating student, SUTD is committed to providing you with a holistic educational experience so that you can gain valuable skills which would be useful as you move on to pursue your career or further education.

Prospective Students

To ensure that you are able to receive the support you require at SUTD, you are highly encouraged to declare your medical condition and needs during the Admissions Exercise. This information will enable the University to develop a complete profile of an applicant and determine whether he/she might need additional resources in his/her studies.
For more information on the facilities and services available for SUTD students, please see the section below. You may also contact the Office of Student Life if you require further information.

Current Students

To aid you in having a smooth transition into SUTD, you would be invited to a briefing session after matriculation to introduce you to the facilities and services available.

Barrier-free Facilities

  • Barrier-free approaches to buildings.
  • Barrier-free access within buildings.
  • Access to lifts for persons with disabilities.
  • Toilets, across the campus, for persons with disabilities.
  • Accessible car parking lot for person with disabilities.
  • Design features such as the following are also provided to help the visually-impaired move independently within the campus:
    • Interconnectivity areas between buildings that allow for seamless movement; and
    • Ramps with tactile indicators at road crossings.

Education Support

  • Additional support, such as module consultations or extra tutorials, might be provided based on the condition(s) of each student.

Examination Support

  • Bigger font and paper size (A3 size) of examination question papers can be produced for visually impaired students.
  • A printed copy of the examination announcements can be issued to hearing-impaired students.
  • Physically-impaired students will be allowed to enter the examination hall before the rest of the students or given access to customized tables at the front or back of the examination hall wherever possible.
  • Extra writing time, during their examinations, for students with certain medical conditions (e.g. dyslexia)could be accommodated, with endorsement from medical doctors.
  • Laptop and printer can be issued to students with writing difficulties.

Enabling Students (ES) Fund

  • The ES Fund supports students with physical, hearing or visual impairment who require Assistive Technology devices and support services.

Graduating Students

Career and Attachment

The Career Development Centre (CDC) provides guidance and advice to students who require assistance when seeking internship and career opportunities. To facilitate this, one of the partners that CDC works with includes SG Enable.


Graduates requiring assistance at the Commencement Ceremony can write in to make arrangements. Physically-impaired graduates attending the Commencement Ceremony may request to be seated backstage before the start of the ceremony and be accompanied by an official onto the stage. Assistance will also be given to graduates who are hearing or visually-impaired.

Contact Us

If you require assistance or more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Life.

Office of Student Life

Lim Peiying
Contact number: +65 6499 4991
Felicia Lum
Contact number: +65 6499 4978