F&B Outlets

Gom Gom

Building 2, #01-202A
Enjoy freshly made, handcrafted sandwiches at this newly sprouted café.

Crooked Cooks

Building 2, #01-204
Indulge yourself with food, music & art at this Mardi Gras inspired cafe! The menu consists of a mixture of South-east Asian and Western cuisines, old and new with a rustic homemade touch.

Love Pal Cafe

Hostel Block 57, #02-51 (above Student Lounge)
Love Pal Cafe serves tantalizing home-cooked local delights to satisfy your mid-morning tummy growl. A sanctuary for caffeine cravings complimented with signature dessert, pastries and cakes, as well as a cozy hideout which members of the public and students can come to have a cuppa and share conversations.

Food Court

Building 2, Level 2
Enjoy a mixture of local delights at affordable prices.

Leo Caterers 

Hostel Block 61, #01-106 (Sports Complex)


Retail Outlets


Building 2, Level 1, #01-201

Goh Brothers

Building 2, Level 1, #01-202

DBS Digital Branch

Building 1, Level 1