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F&B Outlets

d'Star Bistro

Building 1, #01-102
- Aims to deliver “Psalm 148”.
d’Star is a place where you can have good quality and freshly served pasta and pizza, homemade drinks, dessert and specialty coffees. We serve fusion italian-thai cuisine to diners in a relaxing, friendly and rustic ambience.

Gom Gom

Building 2, #01-202A
Known for its Roasted Chicken Mayo sub, Gomgom is a household sandwich brand to SUTD students and staff.

My NoNNa’s

Building 2, #01-203
Welcome to My NoNNa's!
Founded by a personal chef, My NoNNa’s mission is to provide meaningful employment for persons with disabilities and special needs. Our Chef on wheelchair serves up delicious cheesy oven baked pasta, Italian roast chicken on herb rice, fresh handmade pasta and pizza, and many more. My NoNNa’s is proud to be voted TOP 3 Social Enterprise.  

Crooked Cooks

Building 2, #01-204
Crooked Cooks serve affordable and quality Japanese food and western grill in a modern interior, graffiti walls and bench sittings to create the feel of a school canteen. Variety of bento boxes, authentic Japanese ramen with 12 hours simmered thick pork soup and homemade Japanese Chashu. Crooked Cooks also offer classic western grill menu like Fish & Chips, Chicken Chops & more. Chill out or have a game of darts at our raised stage with low sofas with our alcoholic cocktails and craft beer. 

Gong Cha

Building 3, #01-302
Making tea a global and fashionable of drink, and infusing tea culture into people’s life. To inspire life and brightens mind, through the art of tea. Life is better with a cup of Gong Cha every day.

Food Court

Building 2, Level 2
Enjoy a mixture of local delights at affordable prices.

Retail Outlets 

DBS Digital Branch

Building 1, #01-103