What to Bring 

The following are some suggestions regarding what you may wish to bring for your stay on campus:

Posters & other decorations that will not damage the walls Calculator Basic first aid kit
Photos of friends and family Sewing kit Bathrobe
Poster putty Binders, paper, and notebooks Towels and hand wipes
Alarm clock Pencils, pens, markers, ruler, scissors, stapler Shower flip-flops
Audio and music device Prescribed medication Sanitizing product
Bedsheets, pillow and pillow covers, comforter/duvet/blanket for single bed
(bedlinen is not provided)
Slippers and shoes Dental and body hygiene items
Clothes hangers Iron Personal toiletries and bag/bucket to carry them in to shower
Laptop / Tablet Clothing suitable for topical weather Hair dryer
Mobile phone Umbrella Tissues
Cleaning supplies Water Bottle   Toilet paper roll
  Flashlight Clothes hamper/basket
  Favourite eating supplies, e.g., coffee mug, cutlery, plates, pots and pans, food storage containers and microwavable containers Laundry detergent/stain remover/fabric
softener/dryer sheets for top loading washers; laundry bag or basket

What Not to Bring (some examples)

  • Furniture 
  • Kitchen appliances 
  • Wireless router
  • ​Candles and open flame devices 

Please note that pets are not allowed within the hostel.