Room Types



Common Facilities

  • Communal shower and bathroom facilities on each floor
  • Mini pantry with microwave, hot/cold water dispenser and sink on each floor
  • Communal kitchen (level 1) equipped with induction cookers, microwaves, conventional oven and vending machines
  • Pantry (level 9) with a 2‐burner induction cooker, microwave, hot water dispenser and vending machines
  • Laundry room (level 1) with washing machines and dryers
  • Laundry drying area (level 12)
  • Student lounge (level 1, block 57)
  • Viewing deck (level 12, blocks 55 and 59)
  • Recreational rooms
  • Study and discussion rooms
  • LAN point and WIFI





Information correct as of 29 January 2019 and is subject to change.