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MyModularMaster® programme is a special initiative that refers to the suite of short, modular professional development courses that build up credentials to a ModularMaster (MM) certificate.

A ModularMaster certificate is an academic credential awarded by the Singapore University of Technology and Design. An MM certificate programme is designed with working professionals in mind, helping these learners acquire knowledge and skills essential for their workplace.

A candidate can do skills-based modular courses to aggregate subject credits of each module and upon meeting the requirements of minimum subject credits and other criteria such as design projects and assessments, an MM certificate/credential will be conferred.

Our Courses

ModularMaster in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the key domains to building the Smart Nation. As we turn increasingly to technology, we are exposed to vulnerabilities and threats. The ModularMaster in Cybersecurity helps to equip professionals in the area of cybersecurity which is instrumental to the national initiative towards building a Smart Nation.

This programme is a pathway towards Master of Science in Security by Design.

Our offerings:

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ModularMaster in Strategic Digital Marketing

The ModularMaster in Strategic Digital Marketing programme, pegged at post-graduate level is a qualification that helps learners not just acquire the relevant technical skills in Digital Marketing but also prepares them to think creatively and strategically on where Digital Marketing is heading next. Upon completion, we expect our learners to be exceptional and to play a leading role in Digital Marketing.

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ModularMaster in Digital HR

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the digital age, the HR landscape is changing rapidly and the industry needs talents who are able to lead and transform their human resource function into a strategic business partner. Taking on digital transformation projections, managing human resources through data, and even artificial intelligence.

The ModularMaster in Digital HR programme is a suite of short, modular, skills-based courses; designed to help learners master HR of the future with a focus on data analytics, change management and technology in HR.

Our offerings:

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ModularMaster in Technology and Management

We have combined the capabilities of Aalto University and SUTD in the areas of business and technology to develop the ModularMaster in Technology and Management. This programme consists of a suite of short, modular, skills-based courses; designed to help learners master the mindset towards understanding and managing technology and hone their business management expertise.

We are excited to launch this course and are in search of forward-thinking leaders to embark on this journey to nurture the next generation of leaders.

Our offerings:

  • Leading Digital Strategy and Transformation
  • Data Science and Decision Making
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Managing Digital Design and Manufacturing
  • Design Innovation
  • Cybersecurity and Managing Risks

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ModularMaster in Data Science

Roles in data science are in demand regionally and globally. With increasing digital touchpoints; whether it is visiting a website, using a mobile application or even visiting your favourite retail shops, data is vastly becoming the fuel for decision making. How do data analysts or scientists do what they do? Can't tell the difference? Come join us and find out for yourself. Our ModularMaster in Data Science programme features two tracks; programming track for those who prefer a programming route to data science while the non-programming track is designed for participants who prefer to work on data science projects with tools.

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ModularMaster in Innovation by Design

Design Innovation is a human‐centred and inter‐disciplinary approach to innovate and address complex challenges in our world. DI on a larger scale includes Design Thinking, Business Design, Organizational Design, Design Engineering and Systems Thinking.

This programme is a pathway towards Master of Innovation by Design.

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Progression pathway to Master's Programme

For candidates who wish to further develop their in-depth and specific knowledge, they can apply to the relevant SUTD Master’s degree programme where they can continue to pursue the second half of a Master’s degree programme to accumulate further Subject Credits and work towards earning a full Master’s degree.

Recognised subject credits earned from the MM certificate programme are also transferable to the relevant Master’s programme as advanced credits. This stackable approach of the modules will create flexibility for working adults. Currently, only the MM in Cybersecurity and MM in Innovation by Design offers such a pathway to attaining a Master's qualification in the same domain.

Frequently asked questions

How does MM work?

An MM programme typically requires a participant to earn 60 Subject Credits. There are several pathways to fulfill the requirements of attaining an MM credential. This is to help busy adult learners balance their work, family and education by offering as many possible options as we can. 

Learners can "mix and match" relevant courses from various recognised partner institutions and providers to acquire a ModularMaster certificate.

Partner Institution Open Learning Platforms
Up to 18 subject credits Up to 12 subject credits
Can anyone enroll in a ModularMaster programme?

The modules are open to members of the public, and since they are typically technical in nature, some basic scientific/technical knowledge, or relevant working experience, will be expected of the participants.

How much does it cost to get an MM?

Due to the unique training methodology adopted by SUTD Academy and the varying pathways that one can take to acquire the MM, an accurate estimate of the cost to get an MM is challenging.

How long does it take to attain an MM?

We allow a participant up to 2 years to accumulate the required 60 subject credits for an MM certificate.

What is the process of applying for a MM?

Do I just enroll to an MM programme just like this?
No, you don't have to. Unlike traditional programmes which require students to enroll right at the start, MM programmes are modular and flexible, you do not need to commit and sign up for a MM programme per se. This means you get the flexibility to build the programme by "mixing and matching" courses that you want, and then combine the relevant Subject Credits to qualify for the respective MM credential of your interest.

  1. You simply take the relevant courses that best fit your learning objectives from the recommended course guide
  2. Retain records (such as transcripts, certificates, applications), and
  3. Once you have accumulated 60 Subject Credits from the recommended course guide within 2 years, you can start your application with us for the award of the ModularMaster credentials.

Reach out to our admissions team at for details.

Receiving your ModularMaster Certificate

Congratulations on completing your ModularMaster.

The next step would be for you to submit an application to receive the ModularMaster certificate.

Applicants would have to pay a one-time administrative fee of S$30 (exclusive of GST).

Please ensure that you have satisfied all the requirements of the ModularMaster programme.

  • Attained the number of subject credits stipulated in the programme within the two years.
  • Submit the application form and all relevant documents if you intend to include third-party certification/qualification to qualify for subject credit recognition.