About Us

Established in Aug 2015, the SUTD Cleanroom is designed to facilitate the complete semiconductor process, nanofabrication and precision machining for both undergraduate and graduate students and research fellows. The Class 1000 Cleanroom is a safe work environment that has a fully automated building management system (BMS) and innovative state-of-art facilities.

The Cleanroom has equipment with capabilities and infrastructure for various nano-engineering processes like electron beam evaporation, electron beam lithography, reactive ion etching, nano imprinting lithography, nanoscribe, profilers, microscopes and various unique lithography techniques.

Professor Yang Hui Ying

Website: https://people.sutd.edu.sg/~yanghuiying
Telephone: +65 6303 6663

Professor Yang’s research is driven by the design and fabrication of low dimensional nanomaterials. She pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge in a wide variety of fundamental materials and structure-property relationships. Her team pioneered in chemical doping, work function engineering and defect states analysis in one dimensional and two dimensional nanomaterials for a variety of applications in high efficient optoelectronics devices, electrochemical energy storage and water purification to generate economic benefits for Singapore.

Sethu Narayanan Tamilselvan, Senior Specialist, Cleanroom

Telephone: +65 6499 8748 / 6876 4267

Sethu has majored in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Pondicherry University of India and is interested in the various aspects of Engineering. Keen in updating his technical knowledge, he joined Nanyang Technological University and graduated with a Masters in Precision Engineering in 2011. Sethu is also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Professional.

He has 13 years of working experience with various leading semiconductor FAB in Singapore and has built up his expertise as a well-organized engineer in the manufacturing, chemical, semiconductor and process instrumentation industry.

Combining his education background and industry experience, his interests are in the various aspects of Engineering and Research especially in Manufacturing and Process instrumentation.

Senthilkumar Sakthivel - Cleanroom Technologist

Telephone: +65 6876 4267

Senthil has a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic engineering and more than 10 years’ of experience in semiconductor FAB and engineering facilities. He also has an Advanced Diploma in Semiconductor Manufacturing.

He is responsible for

  • Cleanroom facilities control maintenance
  • Supporting for the undergraduate course and researchers
  • Providing safety cleanroom protocol briefing and training for those who use the cleanroom lab.
  • Working on new projects
  • Equipment installation hook-up work
  • Maintaining Cleanroom user record
  • Taking care of PTW and Cleanroom chemical handling.

Contact Us

The Cleanroom aims to collaborate and work with the research community at SUTD. If you are interested to contribute, contact us

Cleanroom @ SUTD
Building 2, Level 2, 2.207, 8 Somapah Road Singapore 487372
Telephone: 6876 4267 / 6876 4268

If you are driving to SUTD, please access the Cleanroom from Building 2 Lobby F.