Welcome to our Concept Vignette Video Portal. Here you will find 47 unique videos that are designed to help students to learn a key concept in Science or Engineering. Each Concept Vignette Video is accompanied with an Instructor Guide that describes how the video can be used in class to meet its Learning Objectives. 

The Concept Vignette Videos were created by MIT's Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) for the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). The vignettes were developed in close collaboration with Professors in MIT and several faculty members appear in the videos. 

These Concept Vignette Videos can be used by educators, students or anyone with an interest in Science and Engineering.

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  1. Algorithm Efficiency
  2. Art of Approximation
  3. Basic Programming Techniques
  4. Buffers
  5. Chirality
  6. Communication Strategy
  7. Conditional Probability
  8. Conservation of Mass
  9. Contaminant Fate Modeling
  10. Curl
  11. Diffusion and Flux
  12. Dimensional Analysis
  13. Divergence
  14. Electric Potential
  15. Entropy 
  16. Enzyme Kinetics 
  17. Equilibrium vs Steady State
  18. Feedback Loops
  19. Free Body Diagrams 
  20. Flux and Gauss' Law
  21. Gear Trains
  22. Genetics and Statistics
  23. Gradient 
  24. Gravity 
  1. Kinetic Theory 
  2. Kinetics and Equilibrium
  3. Latent Heat 
  4. Light 
  5. Linear Approximation 
  6. Maxwell's Equations
  7. Moments of Distributions
  8. Motion
  9. Newton's Laws
  10. Ode to ODEs
  11. Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
  12. Problem Solving Process
  13. Radio Receivers
  14. Rigid Body Kinematics
  15. Rotating Frames of Reference
  16. The Scientific Process
  17. Stability Analysis
  18. Torque 
  19. Unit Analysis 
  20. Vector Fields 
  21. Vectors 
  22. VSEPR
  23. What is Temperature?