Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

Freshmore Curriculum (from AY2020 onwards)

Having completed a review and revamp of our Freshmore curriculum*, SUTD is introducing a new Freshmore curriculum from the AY2020 cohort onwards (students enrolling from year 2020 onwards). Some key elements of the revamped and enhanced curriculum include:


The first three terms are common to all students and build the foundation in Science, Mathematics and TechnologyHumanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) and design. This approach provides a broad and rigorous education and aims to provide the students with a strong base to select and excel in their choice of major and also build foundational literacy for future careers and endeavours.
The incorporation of design projects within and across subjects further imbues design thinking, critical inquiry, problem solving, communication and collaboration skillsets, which are highly relevant and useful in the industry. These 2D design projects will also be reflected in the academic transcript from AY2020 onwards.

Expand learning beyond the classroom and into the region

The SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT) is a programme that is incorporated into specific Freshmore courses. All Freshmore students are eligible to participate in the SUTD FACT and a one-time subsidy will be provided.

Incorporating such short immersion trips as nuggets of learning experience into our Freshmore curriculum, we offer students the opportunity to “see the world” and develop their world view right from the first year.

Extension of Grade-Free System

In addition to all modules in Term 1 being grade-free (Pass/Fail), students can now choose two other modules in Terms 2 and 3 to be grade-free. With this arrangement, students can better embrace learning in the new environment and subjects in which they have no prior background in.

More Flexibility to Pursue Interests

Students are now allowed to choose any 2 of the following 4 elective modules in Term 3, to provide them with more options to pursue their own educational interests.

New Computational Design Courses

Computational Thinking for Design (Term 1) and Spatial Design World (Term 3 elective module) are newly designed modules to strengthen students’ digital literacy in preparation for the data-driven world. 

Mathematics and Physics

The following core modules were developed with increased correlation between Mathematics and Physics in mind, with enhanced linkages and translation to the majors.

Chemistry and Biology

Science for a Sustainable World (Term 2) and Science and Technology for Healthcare (Term 3 elective module) have been designed based on current and relevant themes that are driven from the point of view of the Sciences.

List of Freshmore Subjects

Term 1
Modelling and Analysis
Physical World
Computational Thinking for Design
World Texts & Interpretations (HASS)
Term 2
Modelling Space and Systems
Technological World
Science for a Sustainable World
Design Thinking and Innovation
Term 3
Modelling Uncertainty - Core
Theorising Society, Self and Culture (HASS) - Core
Science and Technology for Healthcare - Elective
Data Driven World - Elective
Designing Energy Systems - Elective
Spatial Design World - Elective

* More information about the Freshmore subjects for students enrolled in year 2019 and earlier can be found on this page.