Undergraduate Research

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is a Fifth Row activity that allows undergraduates to explore their research interests and participate in different phases of standard research activity which include, developing research plans, writing proposals, conducting research, analysing data and presenting research results in oral and written form.

UROP aims to prepare undergraduate researchers for the innovations of tomorrow as they engage in hands-on application of theories learnt which will aid them in prospective career or graduate research choices.


You can:

  • Get a head start in your research interest
  • Delve into a research field you never thought of
  • Expand your network with faculty, researchers, graduates and undergraduates to accelerate your knowledge acquisition
  • Experience discovery and hands-on learning through practical application of knowledge and theories learnt
  • Be recognised as future star researchers
  • Expand your horizon and prepare yourself for prospective employment and research opportunities
  • Strengthen personal communication and writing skills in scientific publications
  • Have possible publication in scientific journals and/or presentation at scientific conferences

Project Duration

The maximum duration of a UROP project is 2 terms.

Project Funding 

Successful UROP proposals will be supported with S$1500 funding for materials and consumables according to the UROP funding guidelines.

How do I start?