Measuring Light Through Trees for Daylight Simulations

16 Sep 2013 Architecture and Sustainable Design Daylight Modelling Simulation

PhD Student
Priji Balakrishnan, Architecture and Sustainable Design
J. Alstan Jakubiec, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Sustainable Design

This research project proposes a novel approach that that incorporates simulated human crowd flow patterns into the design of middle-scale built environment layouts (e.g., shopping mall, campus, station terminal, theme park).
Simulations of human crowd flow patterns, which are traditionally time-consuming, can be more efficiently carried out due to advances in machine learning techniques.
The output of these simulations allow the layout designers a flexible method of iteratively designing built environment layouts through the manipulation of high-level design goals (e.g., number of sites, floor area ratio) that is both quick and cost-efficient.

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