SG50 Multi-Rotor Craft (In collaboration with DSO National Laboratories)

26 Jun 2015 Engineering Product Development Unmanned Systems

Foong Shaohui & Multi-Rotor Society (MRS) SUTD

To celebrate and commemorate Singapore’s 50th birthday, the development of a specially designed multi-rotor aerial craft that has a flight endurance of 50 minutes using advanced digital fabrication methods is proposed (Current commercially available crafts usually only last from 10-25 minutes). This goal will be spearheaded by the SUTD Multi-Rotor Society, a student club committed to excellence in design, fabrication and testing of aerial crafts and systems. Such an intriguing challenge will seek to engage as well as inspire Singaporeans in a way unlike most programmes. This commemorative craft will allow transmission of HD video from an on-board camera to allow spectacular coverage of other SG50 events and even carry the SG50 flag during flight. 

A Preliminary Concept of the SG50 Multi-Rotor Craft