InnoGPS: GPS for Innovation

01 Mar 2016 Engineering Product Development Data-Driven Innovation

Jianxi Luo

InnoGPSTM (i.e., GPS for Innovation) is a data-driven interactive visualisation technology to empower engineers, companies and governments in search of emerging technologies, innovation opportunities and pathways. Inspired by the traditional GPS used in geographical navigation, InnoGPS integrates an empirical map of all known technologies and various map-based functions for the technology space navigation, positioning and path-finding. InnoGPS, as a computational-visual ideation aid, provides artificial intelligence to reduce the uncertainty and enhance the previously-intuitive human process of design ideation and innovation opportunity exploration. 

For individual engineers and researchers, InnoGPS can be used as an ideation tool to inspire them for generating out-of-box design ideas and conceiving radical innovation opportunities. Technology startups and small-medium enterprises that are inexperienced in innovation can use InnoGPS to reduce the uncertainty in formulating the next product lines beyond the existing ones, for growth and diversification. Large companies, R&D centers and government agencies can use InnoGPS to assess the technology positions of their own, collaborators and competitors, and automatically generate data-driven visual technology road maps.
InnoGPS is grounded by the multi-disciplinary research in data science, network science, design science and interactive visualization at SUTD Data-Driven Innovation Lab. The research and development of InnoGPS has yielded more than a dozen scientific publications, one international patent, one international conference award, and SG Design Mark award. A lineup of global companies, R&D organizations, small medium enterprises and startups have signed up to use InnoGPS.

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