Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

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  • Resolving the where and when of social media events
    24 Sep 2021 Information Systems Technology and Design Data-Driven Innovation

    An algorithm that detects events occurring across different time and geographical scales on social media could enable a more timely response to emerging events.

  • How robots can tell how clean is ‘clean’
    23 Sep 2021 Engineering Product Development Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

    By giving the touch-and-inspect method a smart update, SUTD researchers have designed a sensor for autonomous cleaning robots that can quantify the cleanliness of a given area.

  • Towards more energy-efficient 2D semiconductor devices
    15 Sep 2021 Science, Mathematics and Technology 2D materials

    SUTD researchers show how a newly discovered family of two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors are more energy-efficient thanks to the presence of a built-in atomic protection layer.

  • Bluetooth devices proven to be vulnerable to unfixable security vulnerabilities
    01 Sep 2021 Information Systems Technology and Design Secure Computing

    From having your audio interrupted to your data being wiped out, researchers highlight the security limitation of Bluetooth technology implementations.