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  • Predicting potential problems of persistent plastic particulates
    19 Oct 2023 Engineering Product Development Material Science

    Engineering Product Development Professor Yang Hui Ying has observed that the current literature on long-term ageing treatments of microplastics is inadequate. Most research only looks at short-term ageing, which may not fully reflect the environmental behaviour of microplastics.

  • SUTD researchers train AI with reinforcement learning to defeat champion Street Fighter players
    03 Oct 2023 Science, Mathematics and Technology Artificial Intelligence

    The research team created a new complicated movement design software based on an approach that has proven effective in board games like Chess and Go. In a single testing, the movements from the new approach appeared to be superior to those of top human players.

  • Smooth avatar-user synchronization for the metaverse
    02 Oct 2023 Information Systems Technology and Design Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence

    What if, instead of incorporating technology into our physical world, we assimilate ourselves into a virtual environment? This is what Assistant Professor Xiong Zehui hopes to achieve in his research.

  • How curiosity sparked pioneering research
    08 Sep 2023 Science, Mathematics and Technology Biomedical, Biotechnology

    While working alongside cancer research groups during his postdoctoral studies, Assistant Professor Desmond Loke became intrigued by the possibility of extending the application of his electronic devices to cancer studies.

  • SUTD researchers leverage novel nanotechnology to control cells over long periods
    18 Aug 2023 Science, Mathematics and Technology Biomedical, Biotechnology

    A version of the nanosecond electroporation platform has been developed by researchers from SUTD and A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute. The platform allows pores to remain open for 10 times longer than that achieved in current systems.

  • A butterfly’s first flight inspires a new way to produce force and electricity
    25 Jul 2023 Engineering Product Development Biotechnology, Engineering, Computer Science

    The wings of a butterfly are made of chitin - SUTD researchers uncover the promising capability of chitin as a sustainable smart biomaterial.

  • Bilingualism as a catalyst for social development in children
    24 Jul 2023 Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Humanities, Social Sciences

    SUTD researchers delve into how language diversity can enrich children’s social-cognitive development.

  • 2D Nanosheets for Sustainable Carbon Capture
    04 Jul 2023 Engineering Product Development 2D materials

    SUTD and A*STAR researchers produced an energy-efficient technique to rapidly synthesise 2D mica nanosheets for effective carbon dioxide capture.

  • Chip-based dispersion compensation for faster fibre internet
    29 Jun 2023 Engineering Product Development Materials Design, Photonics, and Data Storage

    SUTD scientists developed a novel CMOS-compatible, slow-light-based transmission grating device for the dispersion compensation of high-speed data, significantly lowering data transmission errors.