Meet our Baby Shark Student Innovators

Students from our various programmes have embarked on their microinnovation journey. Here are some examples of how they do it.


A team of undergraduates started Lair through their 30.123 Healthcare Product Design module project, to develop a new way to move the elderly in and out of their wheelchairs.

Concurrently supported by the Engineering Product Development (EPD) pillar’s Product2Prototype programme, the team built their initial prototype and worked with mentors to find communities to pilot their solution.

Chat4Good Technologies

Chat4Good Technologies was conceptualised during the SUTD Create4Good Innovation Fund programme. The team's mission was to build chatbots that close the access gap between beneficiaries and social service agencies.

Building the idea from 0, the team now helps over 10,000 users receive support and grants from impact agencies.

Castomize Technologies

Castomize started as a ground-up initiative after the founders experienced the challenge of managing bone fracture recovery. Over the years, they redeveloped bone cast, worked with partners, and even filed a patent for the design they had created.

The team has won numerous accolades and awards and is now testing its products with sports agencies, hospitals, and the military.

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