Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

We strive to provide employers and industry partners the most suitable platforms for the recruitment of our students. Be it a small-scale tea session or a large-scale networking event, there will always be an opportunity to cater to your companies’ needs.

We would be especially keen in establishing collaborations to provide our students with internship and career opportunities in the following areas:

  1. Architecture and Sustainable Design
  2. Design and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Engineering Product Development
  4. Engineering Systems and Design
  5. Information Systems Technology and Design

Internship (Undergraduate)

The 16-week undergraduate internship takes place every summer, from May to August. If you are keen to offer an internship opportunity for our students, please send the job descriptions for us to upload via the internship portal by early January.

Structured Internship (Master of Architecture)

Students pursuing our Master of Architecture programme are required to embark on a structured internship programme prior to the start of the academic course.

This programme specifically caters to the architecture students and industry, and aims to place students in internships that further develop their knowledge in architecture. The 32-week structured internship period falls between September and April the following year. If you are keen to offer our students with an internship experience in your company, please send the job descriptions for the structured internship to us by June.
To prepare the students for their theses, the faculty will propose various themes for the students/companies to work on during the internship period.

Recruitment Talk

Recruitment talks provide an avenue for companies to reach out to a larger number of students. It is usually scheduled from September to March on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, the talks may take the form of an introduction to the company, or sharing of job opportunities and career tips. Should your company wish to conduct a talk or presentation on our premises to raise awareness amongst our students, feel free to contact us to discuss possible arrangement.

Industry Night (Networking)

We also host an Industry Night in September, which takes place after the Learning Celebration Carnival. The Industry Night gives our students the opportunity to present the projects they were working on during the summer internship.

Industry Night provides networking opportunities for both companies, and students to mingle and get to know each other better.

Whilst it serves primarily as a networking event, it is not uncommon for companies to present jobs and scout for potential interns/employees during Industry Night.

Students networking with our industry partners

Student discussing his project with industry partners

Career and Internship Fair

The Career and Internship Fair is one of our largest career events. It is held yearly on the first Wednesday after term commences, in January, This event offers your company the opportunity to promote career positions and sound out potential hires amongst our graduating class.

You will also get the chance to network with other non-graduating students, who would be on the lookout for internship positions over the upcoming summer.

The highlight of SUTD’s Career and Internship Fair is the panel discussion, where representatives of the various industries are specially selected to share on the latest market trends and hiring practices.

Audience at panel discussion

Crowd at company booth

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Targeted E-mail Blast

The Career Development Centre provides e-mail blasting services, aimed at keeping students abreast of job/internship opportunities as well as events that are held within your company.

Please feel free to contact us at should you be interested in partaking in any of the events.