What the Students Say


Noy Finkelstein
IDC Herzliya

This experience was one of the most exciting thing I ever did! I had the opportunity to meet really nice people, experience new culture and try new food. The people here are so welcoming. SUTD is really good - the teachers were very nice and teach in a very interesting way. 

I didn’t know much about Singapore and SUTD before I arrived. After staying here, I fell in love with Singapore and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I felt safe all the time. I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to do exchange in SUTD. I enjoyed every moment here and I wouldn’t change anything in this adventure.


Chong Kai Yun
Singapore Management University

I specifically chose a module that was not related to my major and that was the best decision I have made for my exchange. The lessons at SUTD are vastly different and there was a lot of time for students to be able to discuss and share their opinions.


Huang Ching Ya
Feng Chia University

Communicating in English was an issue for me, but all my classmates and professors were very willing to help me understand. 

SUTD students are different from the students I met back home. They really want to learn from the bottom of their heart, not just for grades. This was a great learning point to bring home.


Yu Chien Hua
Feng Chia University

It's all great! I was looking forward to my exchange and SUTD didn't let me down. It has a really good environment to learn and the weather here is nice too. My classmates are kind and willing to help when I faced problems. Really happy to choose Singapore and SUTD for my exchange this year!


Chang Hyunju
Hanyang University

In Singapore, I learned and experienced a lot of things that I have never done before. For instance, this is the first time that I actually made friends from other countries even though I have been to so many countries before. Trying to speak in English (which I am not good at) to share my thoughts with my friends was quite an awesome thing. I also love the classes! Unlike in South Korea, classes here have alot more interactions between students and professors, and among students. At first, I felt a little awkward to share my ideas in class, but now I think it is a really good method to enhance learning.

Travelling to Philipines during recess week is the most valuable and memorable trip that I will never forget. I really love all the experiences from my exchange in SUTD!


Oskari Kivinen
Aalto University

Singapore was the absolute number one choice out of all the countries I saw in the exchange listings, since I enjoy the hot and humid climate. I have never been to Singapore but I wanted to find out more. The destination was appealing in many ways, and I was hoping to get to know more about Asian cultures. The food culture was absolutely amazing - different cultures combine to create new dishes and even flavours!

SUTD was my top pick out of all the universities listed, since it was a new university and has a similar structure to Aalto's - combining design and technology. I thought it would be great to be in a new university and surround myself with familiar concepts. Indeed, my exchange with SUTD achieved all that!


Karin Levina Larsson
KTH Royal Institution of Technology

It is amazing to travel to another country and university to meet other students, all with their own frames of references of the world. We are different yet we can communicate and get an understanding of each others' views of the world. All of the small differences amaze me, and it is interesting to get a glimpse into the Singaporean view of the world. Even in the class when our extremely engaging professor explains the trends in the region, it amazes me how different yet similar the world is.


Wu Yen Kuan
National Taiwan University

SUTD has a beautiful campus and everyone is really nice. Not only did I enjoyed learning, I also participated in many co-curricular activities, known as Fifth Rows in SUTD. I joined the Scratch! Club where I met some local students who also like the culture of DJing. 

Compared to other universities in Singapore, I prefer SUTD because the class size is small and I can interact with the professors more.


Anurag Phalke
IE University

I love the Singapore work culture as it is very unique. Being here and enjoying the sights and the food is a great experience. I had great fun with the friends I have made at SUTD, and I look forward to see them again elsewhere in the world! 


Theodoros Constantinides
University of Bristol

As a European, I feel that this was an amazing experience for me as I got the opportunity to meet people from very different cultures and backgrounds, explore distant and wonderful places, make great memories and become friends with people I wouldn't have otherwise met.  

I thought that Singapore would be a lot stricter and people would express themselves less. I also thought that SUTD students would only be focused on their studies and not on their personal lives. I am really happy to say that both of those things have turned out to be far from the truth.


Jessica Garza Alvarez
Tecnológico de Monterrey

I came back to my home country with even better impressions about SUTD. I had the opportunity to develop new skills and learn a lot about mechanics, optimization and programming. I really enjoyed all of my classes and had fun with my classmates at SUTD!