Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme - SUSEP (Outbound)

Why Embark on SUSEP?

SUSEP is a local academic exchange programme that offers SUTD undergraduates a different learning experience at one of the local universities. Students will have the opportunity to take classes in other universities, network with new friends and earn credits back to SUTD. 

  • Broaden perspectives
  • Experience different learning culture
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Ambassador of SUTD 
  • Value add to your resume

What is SUSEP?

  • Spend a term at a local university in Spring Term (Term 6)

  • Transfer up to 48 SUTD credits for passed courses towards fulfilling SUTD graduating requirements

  • Grades will not be transferred and counted towards CGPA

  • Continue to pay Term 6 tuition fees (including Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees) to SUTD while tuition fees at the host university is waived

  • Only a full semester exchange is allowed (partial semester exchange is not allowed)


  • Enrolled as full-time SUTD student and not in ASD pillar (students currently on leave of absence or gap year or in ASD pillar are not eligible)

  • Sound academic record of CGPA of 3.0 and above at the point of application (students should maintain the CGPA of 3.0 and above every term up till the exchange term without failing any subjects before embarking on exchange)

  • Pass all subjects (students should ensure that any outstanding boot camps or re-tests should not happen during their exchange term)

  • A clean disciplinary record

  • Satisfy host university’s CGPA and/or other academic requirements

  • Outstanding Fifth Row records

  • Eager to learn new things, make new friends and embrace new cultures

  • Ensure no restrictions involving exchange, if holding any existing scholarship

  • Motivated to be a strong ambassador for SUTD

  • Have sufficient financial means to self-pay for all necessary exchange expenses

  • Not embarking on GEXP (students who have accepted SUTD's offer to embark on GEXP are not eligible)

Process and Timeline^

Process Application Cycle
Spring Term
Communications (Pre-Application and Research) July
Online Application July to August
Selection and Interview August to September
Application Result and Offer Acceptance September to October
Finalise Study Plan October to December
Nomination and Application to Host University October to November
Acceptance by Host University November
Pre-Departure December
Depart for SUSEP January 
Return and Complete Deliverables April to July

^ The above Process and Timeline is for reference only and is subject to changes.


  • SUSEP application is open to all Term 5 students in July annually. Students will be informed via email.

  • Students will choose up to 4 host universities in order of preference during application.

  • Students must complete SUTD's official internship of 16 weeks and ensure your SUSEP does not clash with the internship period and/or other commitments. Students are advised to secure a Fall internship before SUSEP, or arrange for a Summer internship after SUSEP

  • Students are responsible for doing thorough research on partner universities and course planning. 

  • Students are responsible for all exchange-related expenses such as insurance, enrollment and/or miscellaneous fees. Host university's accommodation/hostel will not be available for students.

  • Students should consider their personality, maturity and adaptability. One must desire to interact, be flexible and take things in their stride when the going gets tough.

  • All exchange awards and scholarships are not applicable for SUSEP students.

Selection and Interview

  • Exchange spots are extremely limited. Students will be considered holistically based on academic merit, leadership in Fifth Row, application essay, suitability of proposed study plan and selection interview, subject to availability of host university exchange spots and suitability to go on SUSEP. 

  • Bonus: From AY2022 cohort onwards, students who have participated in Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT) will stand a higher chance during exchange allocation for SUSEP (assuming all things equal, but not guaranteed).

  • The ranking of university choices during application affects the chance of securing an exchange spot.

  • Shortlisted applicants will be informed via email for an interview.

  • SUTD decision on the application outcome is final and cannot be disputed. Appeal to change the offered host university will not be entertained. SUTD is not required to justify the decision on the application outcome. No appeal, discussion and/or correspondence will be entertained.

  • SUTD exchange offer does not constitute a guaranteed enrollment into the host university. The host university reserves the right to accept or decline a student's application.


For more information on SUSEP, please refer to SUSEP Resources (login with SUTD email). 

Partner Universities