Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2015

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours. These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.

Fifth Row Awards

Environmental Award

  • Li Yiyang
    • Yiyang was the Champion of ‘Green’ efforts at SUTD and he had consistently pursued his passion at every possible opportunity. Many students and staff were impacted by his efforts and he was a significant contributor to the establishment of the Greenprint Club.

Humanitarian Award

  • Noon Teo Woei Ming 
    • Noon had been touching the lives of many, consistently, and her contributions extended beyond the campus walls.
  • Rotaract Club 
    • Rotaract Club had created a name for itself beyond SUTD and its outreach is far and wide. It had been recognised regionally by winning awards consecutively for the past three years.

Laurel Award

The following students were recognised for their outstanding achievements that were highly profiled nationally.

  • Agrim Singh
  • Chin Jia Kai Samuel 
  • Ng Wei Hong Darren
  • Multi-Rotor Club

Outstanding Student Organisation Award

  • Dance DerivativeZ​
    • The Club went beyond expectations when they raised funds to subsidise the cost of lessons for its members. The quality of their performances had also significantly increased over the past three years.
  • Sports Core
    • The club had consistently initiated creative ways in promoting a sporting culture at SUTD.
  • SUTD Bands
    • The Club raised funds to purchase their own equipment and they attracted the masses, at its performances, with its effective outreach and management skills.
  • SUTD Mountaineering Club
    • SUTD was profiled beyond the island’s shores through the success of the Mount SUTD Expedition.

Outstanding Student Leader Award

  • Cai Ruihe
    • Ruihe was not only the founder of Mechanical Design Club but his contributions went beyond the Club. He was also the co-founder of the SUTD Industrial Design Studio.
  • Kabincalan R Parthiban
    • As the President of the 3rd Student Government, he had represented the welfare of the student population and successfully built on the foundations that his predecessor had laid.
  • Muhammad Zaki Djuanda
    • Zaki laid the foundations of the Student Government and built bridges between it and the other clubs.
  • Ng Sihui Grace
    • The Founding President of SUTD Sports Core, Grace was instrumental in the development of the sports scene at SUTD.
  • Norakmal Hakim bin Norhashim
    • Hakim represented the interests of all the ten performing arts groups and had coordinated performances for every official event at SUTD.

Student Service Award

  • Tan Jenn Chong
    • Jenn Chong had been involved in the Student Government throughout his time at SUTD. He was also actively contributed to campus vibrancy through his involvement in three other clubs. 

Academic Awards 

The Keppel Awards of Excellence were presented to the top two Juniors from each Pillar.

ASD Pillar
Clifford Mario Kosasih
Ng Yi Jin
ISTD Pillar
Swayam Narain
EPD Pillar
Benjamin Lee
Chen Yuankang
ESD Pillar
Ng Jia Yi
Wei Wei

The MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award is for full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study. The recipient for this award is Jonathan Tan.