Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2016

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours.  These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.



Fifth Row Awards

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award was awarded to Lee Jia Wen. Jia Wen spearheaded the development of a robot called Salamander, which is a portable and amphibious spherical rolling robot capable of live-streaming ability to aid in research, surveillance and search-and-rescue missions on both land and water. The robot was showcased at the Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition 2015 and featured on NatGeo.

Souschef, a start-up, comprising members Tushar Mohan, Ashreya M Venkatesh and Cai Ruihe, was presented with the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. The team successfully designed a fully automated device for the kitchen which can store and dispense ingredients of precise measurements, easing one’s cooking experience. The team has been selected to present at various conferences, both locally and internationally.

Yin Ji Sheng was presented the Humanitarian Award for his efforts made in learning sign language to volunteer with the deaf. Ji Sheng also introduced a sign language workshop during the Independent Activity Period (IAP).

The Ho Chi Minh Community Design Project was the group winner for the Humanitarian Award. The team impacted the community by raising awareness of environmental issues and urban development. They displayed remarkable commitment, having undertaken trips to Ho Chi Minh at least three times a year to carry out the project.
Agrim Singh was awarded the Laurel Award for his achievements in various hackathons and competitions. Agrim was also the winner for the Laurel Award at Student Achievement Awards 2015.

Mok Jun Wei was presented the Laurel Award for bringing glory to the Taekwondo Club and SUTD through his numerous medal wins from various Taekwondo competitions.

The Multi-Rotor Club was one of the two group winners for the Laurel Award. The Multi-Rotor Club performed well in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition, and has highly profiled itself at various industrial events and workshops.

The second group winner for the Laurel Award was Taekwondo Club. The club has clinched several medals at tertiary and open competitions, bringing glory to SUTD Sports.
The Outstanding Student Organisation Award was awarded to the Mechanical Designer Club for its high recruitment rate and effective management. Mech. D has positively impacted the SUTD community by conducting workshops to enrich students and imparting to them the skills of 3D printing. On top of the SUTD community, the club has also reached out to students from various Junior Colleges.

Abhishek Bajaj was awarded the Student Service Award for his efforts to raise awareness of humanitarian issues relating to haze, poverty and biodiversity among the SUTD community.

Another winner of the Student Service Award was Lau Zhi Yuan Sherwin. Sherwin has contributed widely to the vibrancy of campus life at SUTD and the high profile of the Electric Vehicle Club.

Ng Jun Yuan was presented the Student Service Award as recognition for his service to the SUTD via his key role in the Student Government as the Vice President of Operations and Policy.

As the Vice President of Events and Welfare in the Student Government, Ng Zi Kai made significant contributions to the SUTD community and thus, was awarded the Student Service Award.

Teo Kian Sheng Alvin was also a recipient of the Student Service Award. Alvin’s service to student welfare, especially to the Residential community at SUTD, was well-known among his peers.
One of the winners of the Student Leader Award was Cai Ruihe. Ruihe made significant contributions in the Student Senate and was the President of IEEE Student Chapter at SUTD.

Jezamine Chua Zihui was awarded the Student Leader Award for playing leading roles in, and making commendable contributions to, the Architecture and Sustainability Design (ASD) Pillar, the Student Government and other Fifth Row activities.

Urmila Baskaran was also presented the Student Leader Award. Being a role model to her peers, Urmila actively advocated the welfare of hostel residents through her role as a Housing Senate in the Student Government.

Academic Awards

The Keppel Awards of Excellence was presented to the top two Freshmore students and top two students from each Pillar.



The top two Freshmore students were Quek Yu Han and Wang Yujia.
The top student from ASD Pillar was Kam Siu Han Lawrence. With a tie, the two students in second place were Koh Xian Zhe and Lee Le Xiu Jean.
The top student from EPD Pillar was Chia Jing Wen Angel. Angel was also the recipient for the MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award. This award is for Full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study.
With another tie for the Keppel Award of Excellence under the EPD Pillar, the two students in second place were Kelly Kuo Kai Li and Stevanus Satria.
Under the ESD Pillar, the two top students were Chong Shi Kai and Dai Gengling.
The top two students from ISTD Pillar were Han Zikang and Lee Jun Xiang.
SUTD is extremely proud of these deserving winners, from both the Fifth Row and Academic Awards. Hopefully, the spirit of excelling holistically as demonstrated by these winners, would be an inspiration for all SUTD students.