Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2017

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours. These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.

Fifth Row Awards

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Tan Yi Hao
    • Yi Hao successfully founded two start-ups: Soezlar Technology, which develops easy plug-and-play solar solutions; and HungrySia, a spin off from an SUTD Project, DSBJ Dabao, which provides food delivery service island wide. In addition, Yi Hao was also named one of the Top 30, Under 30 Asia List, in May 2016 for his efforts in actively promoting entrepreneurship.
  • Mobearlize
    • The team behind Project EMMA designed a retrofit motorized wheelchair unit which could be attached onto any common wheelchair, improving the mobility of wheelchair users. The team was also one of the top five finalists of Create4Good Challenge 2017. 

Humanitarian Award

  • Project Radiate from the Rotaract Club
    • The members of Project Radiate improved the living conditions of a community in Vietnam. They constructed solar panels to generate power and built furniture for a community library. Through the collaboration with a local NGO, they were able to ensure that their efforts could be sustained in the long run. 

Laurel Award

  • Chiu Po Heng
    • Po Heng embodies the SUTD spirit by pushing boundaries and using cross-disciplinary approaches to achieve excellent results in various robotics competitions and hackathons.
  • Darren Tan Wei Hong
    • Darren brought honour to the University through his passionate pursuit of photography and his second win of the Merit Award (1st Runner Up) at the biannual National Singapore Young Photographer Award 2016.
  • Jonathan Ng Ming-En
    • Jonathan achieved many awards in various competitions, such as the First Runner Up for the IKEA Young Designer Award 2016. He also helmed various projects including Parking Day 2016 and Chinese New Year Light Up 2017.
  • Ng Yi Jun Alan
    • Alan did SUTD proud through his achievements in the HDB Smart Cool Ideas Competition where his team clinched the First position. Alan also demonstrated great leadership skills through motivating and leading several teams at Parking Day 2016.
  • Tan Zhe Xian Dion
    • As a swimmer in the Singapore University Games 2016, Dion displayed high levels of determination and dedication in his trainings which in turn, helped him to win Silver and Bronze in the 100 metre Butterfly and 50 metre Butterfly categories respectively.
  • LiteWerkz
    • The team brought glory to SUTD through their well-received exhibit, titled “#showerthoughts”, at the Singapore Night Festival 2016 
  • Multi-Rotor Club 
    • The team consistently showed excellent results in the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition over the past few years. Furthermore, the club also established collaborations with various industrial partners and government agencies, making a positive impact on campus vibrancy and enhancing SUTD’s brand value. 

Outstanding Student Organisation Award

  • Multi-Rotor Club
    • The club impacted the SUTD community positively by conducting workshops to enrich students and imparting to them the knowledge of drones and aerial photogrammetry. In addition, besides the SUTD community, the club also reached out to students in various Junior Colleges. 
  • SUTDio
    • SUTDio received much positive feedback for their active representation of SUTD at several large-scale events, especially the Chinese New Year Light-Up. In addition, their efforts in promoting campus vibrancy through their creations were also well-received by the SUTD community.
  • University Ambassadors Club
    • Besides actively representing SUTD at many Fifth Row events, the University Ambassadors Club supported various offices in outreach programmes beyond SUTD.  They were exemplary in showing the SUTD community spirit and sharing their passion for SUTD.

Student Service Award
The following students were recognized for their contributions to the welfare of the SUTD community through their respective student organisations.

  • Chia Rui Xiang Keith, SUTD Bands and Scatch club
  • Jai Atul Shah, Student Government
  • Lee Jisu, Student Government
  • Michael Kevin Lim Yi Qun, SUTD Bands 

Student Leader Award

  • Andy Tay Wei Liang
    • As the founder and President of SUTD Chinese Orchestra, Andy showed tremendous leadership skills through his guidance and encouragement to SUTDCO members. With his great passion in promoting Chinese Orchestra, SUTDCO became a performing group known for their high standards, both on campus and beyond.
  • Chay Choong
    • As President of the 4th Student Government, Chay passionately worked on the advancement of student welfare through close collaboration with various departments of the University.
  • Michael Kevin Lim Yi Qun
    • As President of the SUTD Bands, Michael helped strengthened SUTD’s cultural life and student welfare. Michael displayed exemplifying professionalism and service in leadership through his immense commitment and involvement in countless University events.
  • Navnidh Bhalla
    • As President of the IEEE Student Chapter, Navnidh actively boosted the club’s membership and spearheaded numerous activities and events, which were essential to the development of the club. Under his leadership, the club was able to create three other sub-chapters.

Academic Awards 

The Keppel Awards of Excellence were presented to the top two Freshmore students and top two Juniors from each Pillar.

Lam Teng Foong
Ng Kang Raye
ASD Pillar
Ng Xing Lin
EPD Pillar
Li Linfeng
Loh Qing Shui Stanley
ESD Pillar
Gao Wenxuan
Xie Yaqi
ISTD Pillar
Nguyen Tung Lam
Wang Siyuan
Wang Yujia

MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award is for full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study. The recipient for this award is Wang Siyuan.