Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2018

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours. These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.

Fifth Row Awards

Humanitarian Award

  • Choo Jia Hui 
    • As the Community Service Director in Rotaract Club, Jia Hui provided ample opportunities for SUTD students to participate in community service activities. Jia Hui led the successful organisation of a campus-wide run, Run@SUTD, to raise funds for Special Olympics Singapore.
  • Y Community Service Club
    • The group had been consistently improving their programmes to benefit the community, especially the intellectually disabled.

Laurel Award

  • Aravind Satkunasingam Kandiah
  • Charles Wong
    • Both Aravind and Charles won numerous national and international competitions. One of the most prestigious competitions they won was the Hack4Climate in Berlin, with both being the top five winners amongst the top 100 globally selected participants.
  • Benjamin Ng Jun Wei, Judo
  • Dion Tan Zhe Xian, Swimming
    • Benjamin and Dion, both SUTD athletes, were selected to represent Singapore Universities at the Summer Universiade 2017 in Taipei. This competition is parallel to the Olympics with all the competitors representing universities globally.
  • Jeremy Tan Zhi Hao, Swimming
  • Karthic Harish Ragupathy, Road Relay
  • Tan Chu Er Joey, Climbing
  • Wong Yi Xin, Climbing
    • Jeremy, Karthic, Joey and Yi Xin did done SUTD proud at the local tertiary or national competitions. They attained podium finishes and had displayed commitment to their sports teams. 
  • Jonathan Ng Ming-En
    • Jonathan had won many local and international accolades for his design work. He also led a team to win the bid to install their works at the Singapore Night Festival 2017.
  • Kee Sijie Edmund
    • Edmund was amongst the local top three and was thus chosen to represent Singapore and SUTD to compete internationally for the James Dyson Award.
  • Koh Kai Wei
    • Kai Wei successfully led a team to organise the inaugural What The Hack@SUTD in 2017. The 24-hour hackathon was aimed at bringing together people of multiple disciplines to solve imminent problems of the future. A total of $26,000 was raised during the event.
  • Pei Jinling, Weiqi
    • Jinling had achieved much in both local and overseas Weiqi competitions. She represented Singapore in Weiqi and in 2017, was conferred the Most Valuable Player in the National Weiqi DAN League 2017.
  • Athletics Club
    • SUTD Athletics brought glory to the University by clinching the third position for the team category at the Singapore University Games.
  • Faces of Fonts
    • Faces of Fonts came in first at the National Collegiate and International Invitational Tournament on Brain Inspired Computing and Applications competition organised by Tsinghua University.
  • LiteWerkz
  • Praxis+
    • LiteWerkz and Praxis+ won the bid to display their works at the Singapore Night Festival 2017. The teams were amongst other professional artists and they were covered on various media platforms.
  • Multi-Rotor Club 
    • Multi-Rotor Club won numerous competitions such as the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition and Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge, amongst many other achievements. The club also expanded its collaborations with external agencies such as MINDEF and NEA.

Outstanding Student Organisation Award

  • Climbing Club
    • The Climbing Club had established an excellent training programme for both recreational and competitive climbers. This resulted in a steady growth of sports climbing on campus, despite being a new sport on campus.
  • Crux 2017 Organising Committee
    • The Crux 2017 organising committee successfully organised the inaugural South East Asia Deep Water Solo competition. The event attracted more than 200 local and international climbers, earning recognition from the climbing community. The Club was also chosen, amongst 14 nominations for PAYM projects in FY2017, to win the Outstanding PAYM Project Award,
  • Esports Club
    • Esports Club emerged first in the Inter-Varsity Gaming Festival. The team also represented SUTD in the inaugural South-East Asia Mobile Major during Gamestart 2017.
  • EV Club
    • The team built a car from scratch for the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2017 and had been involved in numerous outreach programmes, especially the EV Design Challenge at SUTD. In 2017 alone, EV Club had built four types of vehicles and organised major school outreach events.
  • IEEE SUTD Student Branch
    • In addition to maintaining its membership of over 100 students, the club continued to embark on new initiatives. The IEEE SUTD Student Branch had worked with community partners such as Chen Su Lan Methodist Home. The team taught underprivileged children basic technology and donated teaching materials to them.

Student Service Award

  • Tang Li Ren
    • As Vice President of the 5th Student Government, Li Ren sought to enhance the quality of campus life. He continuously sought feedback from both the student and staff community during his term and also provided great support to his team during major events.

Student Leader Award

  • Aishwarya Prabhat
    • As the Housing Representative on the Student Association Council, Aishwarya introduced various initiatives such as the Residential Life Survey and Resident Issue Form to improve the vibrancy and quality of events at the residences.
  • Chua Sharmaine
    • As the Dance Captain of the SUTD Dance Derivativez, Sharmaine contributed significantly to the growth and development of her junior dancers. Under her leadership, the inaugural dance showcase, Ignition Vol.1, was successfully organised with students of all participating institutions engaging each other through dance.
  • Justin Gan
    • Beyond serving as the Treasurer of Climbing Club, Justin also displayed exceptional leadership skills and helped fuel his team's passion for climbing. In addition, Justin went the extra mile and often led the training for his club's recreational climbers.
  • Justinian Siah
    • As President of the Esports Club, Justinian actively promoted e-sports amongst the SUTD community. Apart from supporting his club administratively, Justinian organised training sessions and motivated his members to perform during the Inter-Varsity Gaming Festival.
  • Koh Kai Wei
    • Kai Wei was an active student leader and served as President in several student organisations such as the Digital Design and Development Club, as well as the ISTD Student Council Board. In addition, Kai Wei also led a team of 20 students to organise SUTD's inaugural 24-hour hackathon, What The Hack@SUTD.
  • Navnidh Bhalla
    • As President of the IEEE SUTD Student Branch, Navnidh organised numerous workshops, including outreach programmes to teach STEM to children of Chen Su Lan Methodist Home. Under his leadership, the club launched ten new technical workshops ranging from electronics to computing.
  • Parekh Shalv Amit
    • As President of the 5th Student Government, Shalv played an important role to be the bridge between the students and the administrative departments. He worked hard to give back to the community and initiated a number of projects such as the Root Cove. Many of his members were constantly motivated by his leadership qualities, sense of integrity and dedication to his role as President.
  • Teo Kai Sheng Alvin
    • As a core member of the House Guardian team, Alvin was a key contributor to the various housing policies to promote a vibrant and conducive residential life. 
  • Teo Yi Liang
    • As President of the Climbing Club, Yi Liang led the team to organise several climbing outreach programme and friendly competitions with other tertiary institutions. Yi Liang also contributed to his members' development by personalising climbing advice based on the individual's strengths.

Academic Awards 

The Keppel Awards of Excellence were presented to the top two Freshmore students and top two Juniors from each Pillar.

Leong Hei Kern
Lim Jing Yun
ASD Pillar
Jonathan Ng Ming-En
Quek Wen Jia Marcus
EPD Pillar
Lam Teng Foong
Ng Kang Raye
ESD Pillar
Liu Xinyu
Wang Shuo
ISTD Pillar
Chan Wei Ren
Eric Teo Zhi Han

MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award is for full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study. The recipient for this award is Jonathan Ng Ming-En.