Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2019

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours. These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.

Jyoti and Aditya Mathur Student Achievement Awards

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Empower
    • Empower was a self-initiated IDC UROP project team which successfully completed the user testing of their anti-microbial water filter in Vietnam.
  • Team Infinity
    • The group won the Ingenius Space Business Model Competition 2017/18 and clinched themselves an internship with the organisers to launch the first Singaporean to space. Even though the launch was called off due to bad weather, the efforts of the team were well received by many.

Humanitarian Award

  • Project Radiate 360 (Rotaract Club)
    • The group conducted a two-week long overseas community involvement project at the Tra-Vinch province of South Vietnam. They applied what they learnt in school and made a sustainable impact on the less fortunate community.
  • Social Urban Research Groupe (SURGe)
    • The group in consultation with the local community, designed a playground for a kindergarten in Vietnam.

Laurel Award

  • Dion Tan & Jeremy Tan, Swimming
    • Dion and Jeremy, both athletes from Swimming, did SUTD proud at the Singapore University Games 2018.
  • Goh Min Rui & Yong Khai Sheen, Climbing
    • Min Rui and Khai Sheen, both from Climbing Club, brought honor to SUTD through their achievements at various national climbing competitions.
  • Karthic Harish Ragupathy, Athletics
    • Karthic, from Road Relay, represented SUTD at the ASEAN University Games 2018.
    Multi-Rotor Club
    • Multi-Rotor Club did SUTD proud by winning various competitions and expanded its collaborations with external agencies.
  • SUTD Aquatics (4x50m Men’s Medley Relay)
    • The team brought glory to the University by clinching a bronze medal at the Singapore University Games 2018.
  • The Search
    • The Search won the bid to display their works at the Singapore Night Festival 2018. They were amongst other professional artists and they were covered on various media platforms. 

Outstanding Student Organisation Award

  • CRUX 2018 Organising Committee
    • The CRUX 2018 organising committee successfully organised the South East Asia Deep Water Solo competition. Held for the second time, the event concluded successfully.
  • Design Odyssey
    • Design Odyssey was an active student organisation under IDC and they initiated LEAD and Enterprise Innovation Programmes. While doing so, they also engaged students from the Polytechnics and Secondary Schools. 
  • EV Club
    • The team successfully organised the EV Design Challenge at SUTD, engaging more than 100 participants from eight other schools. The club also participated in the Shell Eco Marathon and was active throughout the year with exhibitions and events.
  • FUNKtion
    • FUNKtion initiated the QuadUni initiative and collaborated with the funk clubs from various universities. The club is also commended for having good governance.
  • Multi-Rotor Club
    • Multi-Rotor Club had been a consistent club and a good role model to other student clubs. The team also worked with various departments within SUTD for University-wide events.
  • SUTD Bands
    • SUTD Bands was a very active club which supported SUTD Lunchtime Performances and also provided their support to various other student events.
  • SUTD Productions
    • The club actively collaborated with pillars and departments, producing videos for the community.
  • University Ambassadors Club
    • University Ambassadors Club was commended for its structured management and consistent transfer of training and knowledge to new members. The club also collaborated with Admissions and Marketing Departments on all outreach programmes.

Student Service Award

  • Keane Lim Teck Meng
    • Keane contributed to the SUTD community through his multiple roles in SUTD Bands, Scratch Club and Orientation 2018.
  • Kee Sejie Edmund
    • Edmund was an active student leader who wore multiple hats in Grub Club, Design Odyssey 2.0 and he also played a major role in the inaugural SUTD Ministerial Forum. 
  • Neo Theng Tat
    • As President of Muay Thai, Theng Tat actively promoted the sport to the SUTD community through the introduction of various initiatives.
  • Nicholas Daniel Phang
    • As President of SUTD Bands, Nicholas contributed much to the SUTD community and was a good role model to others.
  • Parekh Shalv Amit
    • Shalv served as advisor to the Student Government upon the completion of his Presidential term. He was also the chairperson of the SUTD Ministerial Forum.
  • Ryan Teo Jun Yan
    • As the ASD pillar representative, Ryan made significant contributions to the SUTD community and ASD pillar.
    Tay Zi Hang
    • As the captain of Squash, Zi Hang went beyond his duties by stepping up to coach the team.

Student Leader Award

  • Phyu Sin Hnin Phoebe
    • As the Vice-President of ROOT, Phoebe displayed excellent leadership skills and contributed much to the SUTD community.
  • Ye Peng
    • Ye Peng actively promoted FUNKtion amongst the SUTD community, and was a constant source of inspiration to his peers.

Academic Awards 

The Keppel Awards of Excellence were presented to the top two Freshmore students and top two Juniors from each Pillar.

Glenn Chia Jin Wee
Ku Wee Tiong
ASD Pillar
Joshua Tan Seh Kiat
Tan Gee Yang
EPD Pillar
Leong Hei Kern
Michael Sebastian
ESD Pillar
Foo Lin Geng
Wang Zhi
ISTD Pillar
Isaac Ashwin Ravindran
Koh Jing Yu

MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award is for full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study. The recipient for this award is Tan Gee Yang.