Winners of the SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2020

The annual SUTD Student Achievement Awards recognise students who have done outstandingly well in their Fifth Row activities and academic endeavours. These students have brought honour to the University and impacted the SUTD community positively.

Jyoti and Aditya Mathur Student Achievement Awards

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Snap Labs
    • Snap Labs demonstrated the characteristics of risk-taking and creativity, as well as achieving success in introducing viable products to the relevant communities.

Environmental Award

  • Jaryl Lim Yu-Herng
    • Jaryl, from Greenprint Club, was a dedicated student leader who made a meaningful and sustainable impact on the environment. 

Humanitarian Award

  • Ang Jing Yuen Andre
    • As President of Uni-Y Club, Andre led by example and made a meaningful impact on the less fortunate communities. 
  • Design Odyssey – Wheel-U
    • The group produced three iteration prototypes for a retractable wheelchair table and stand, and also won Best Project during the Design Odyssey Pitch. The group also made a positive impact on the less fortunate communities through volunteering and mentoring. 
  • Uni-Y Club
    • The group had been consistently making efforts to maintain long-term sustainable partnerships with external stakeholders. Uni-Y Club has also organised meaningful events for the less fortunate communities. 

Laurel Award

  • Alex Wang Wei Jie, Eugene Lian Qi Xiang, Muhammad Hamizan Haziq Bin Mannauwir & Neo Theng Tat, Muay Thai
    • Alex, Eugene, Hamizan and Theng Tat, from Muay Thai, represented SUTD at the AMAS Muay Thai Student Open 2019.
  • Jonathan Chan Fan Keng, Diving
    • Jonathan, from the Singapore National Diving Team, has competed on numerous international platforms. He clinched the 1st place at the Asian Diving Cup and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.
  • Multi-Rotor Club
    • Multi-Rotor Club brought SUTD to greater heights of glory through their continued good standing at various competitions, and collaborations with various government agencies.
  • Wheelson
    • ​The team did SUTD proud by being the 2019 National Winner of the James Dyson Award.
  • Vertex Club
    • Vertex Club brought SUTD glory through the team’s impressive achievement at the CAS National Cheerleading Championship Team Cheer Open Coed Elite category.

Outstanding Student Organisation Award

  • Civil Defense Lionhearter Club
    • The club played an active role in campus vibrancy and gave back to the community by providing first aid coverage for various events.
  • OpenSUTD
    • The team actively contributed to campus vibrancy and student engagement at SUTD through various channels. 
  • ROOT - Night Fiesta Team
    • The Night Fiesta organising committee successfully organised the inaugural Night Fiesta, and effectively promoted SUTD's Fifth Rows. 
  • ROOT - Open House Team
    • ​The team rendered support to the organisation of SUTD Open House and helped improve the students volunteer system. 
  • SUTD Bands
    • SUTD Bands was actively involved in campus wide events such as Open House, Night Fiesta and Sports Cluster Lifestyle Intervention. The team also clinched the “Judges Choice Award” at the DBS Campus Band Challenge 2019. 
  • SUTD Productions
    • The club actively provided their support to many student organisations and departments to promote campus vibrancy.

Student Service Award

  • Axiom Kosasih
    • Axiom contributed to campus vibrancy through his involvement in SUTD Bands.
  • Faheem Zuhairi
    • Faheem contributed to campus vibrancy through his initiation of The Sunrise Show, and his involvement in SUTD Productions.
  • Lee Jia Juen
    • ​Jia Juen was an active student leader who wore multiple hats in ROOT and he was also involved in gathering students' feedback through various channels such as GRASS and the Dialogue with Senior Management. 
  • Lim Jie Han, Joel
    • As the 4th SAC Sports Cluster Representative, Vice-President of Football Club and Badminton Club, Joel made significant contributions to the SUTD community and campus vibrancy. 
  • Soh Su Min 
    • Su Min was an active student leader who contributed to campus vibrancy through her involvement in events under ROOT and as a House Guardian. 
  • Tay Kay Jin
    • ​As the Specialists Cluster Representative, Kay Jin made significant contributions to the SUTD community.
  • Wong Shu Miin Naomi
    • Naomi made significant contributions to campus vibrancy as the Head of Community, Architecture and Sustainable Design SUTDio.
  • Yip Weisheng Ryan
    • As the President of Muay Thai Club, Ryan mentored and developed a six week training program for students who competed in the Muay Thai Student Open 2019.

Student Leader Award

  • Alexander James Fonseca​
    • Alexander demonstrated excellent leadership skills and contributed to the SUTD community through his multiple roles as a student leader in Vertex Club and House Guardian EXCO.
  • Faith See Wan Yi
    • ​Faith actively promoted SUTD Bands in her capacity as Vice-President, and was a constant source of inspiration to her peers. 
  • Keane Lim Teck Meng
    • As Vice-President of ROOT, Keane displayed excellent leadership skills and contributed much to the SUTD community.
  • Safafisalam Bohari Jaon
    • As President of SUTD Bands, Safafisalam ​was passionate in promoting SUTD Bands and was a source of inspiration to his peers.
  • Sean Michael Lim Zihan
    • ​Sean demonstrated excellent leadership skills and held various leadership roles in numerous student organisations.
  • Shruthi Pandi Chelvam
    • As General Secretary of ROOT, Shruthi actively contributed to campus vibrancy and demonstrated excellent leadership skills. 
  • Suryono Gunawan Ali
    • Ali actively contributed to campus vibrancy and demonstrated excellent leadership skills through his role as President of ROOT, and Chairperson of  Student Association Council.


Academic Awards 

Keppel Awards of Excellence

The Keppel Awards of Excellence were presented to the top two Freshmore students and top two Juniors from each Pillar.

Leong EnYi
Lim Kang Jueh Dominic ​
ASD Pillar
Benjamin Chong Mun Choen
Thet Naung Oo @ Chi Jia Cai​
EPD Pillar
Louth Bin Rawshan
Ong Jin Yang Brandon
ESD Pillar
Wu Tianyu
Jeremia Juanputra​
ISTD Pillar
Ashlyn Goh Er Xuan
Lu Jiankun​

MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award

The MIT Club of Singapore Excellence Award is for full-time third year students of the University pursuing any pillar of study. The recipient for this award is Glenn Chia Jin Wee