Before joining UROP

I am a graduate but interested in participating in a UROP. Can I apply?
UROP is open for undergraduates only.

Where can students view the list of projects available?
Projects are available online via MyPortal during the student application period (refer to schedule)

Can students participate in the UROP more than once?
Yes you can. However, priority will be given to first-time UROPers.

I wish to go for overseas iUROP. How do I apply?
Application window differs with every partner university. Look out for our email on the application period and instructions!

How do I know if I am accepted into UROP?
Students will receive an email one week before new term starts. Otherwise, drop us an email at

During UROP

I am working on a project but cannot complete within 1 term. What should I do?
You will have to discuss with your supervisor who will then submit a request for project extension to the UROP office. Please note that the maximum duration allowed for a UROP project is 2 terms.

After UROP

How do I know if I am eligible for a UROP certificate?
At the end of your UROP, you will be evaluated by your project supervisor. If your work is deemed satisfactory, your supervisor will recommend you for a UROP certificate. You will be notified to collect your certificate when it is ready. Participation will also be recorded in your Fifth Row transcript.

Email for more enquiries.