Guide for Students

1. I want to apply as a UROPer

Whether you are new or a hardcore research fan, UROP welcomes you! Look out for our email invitation and apply.

  • UROP student application opens in Week 11. 
  • Outbound iUROP and inbound iUROP will have different application windows. 

Check your eligibility for UROP.
Check your eligibility for Outbound iUROP.
Find out more information about Inbound iUROP.

2. I want to initiate a project

Students can initiate projects and conduct their own research under the guidance of a faculty. Students are to source for a faculty to be their project supervisor, and the faculty can submit the proposal during the Call for Proposal period.

Successful UROP proposals will be supported with a S$1,500 funding for materials and consumables according to the UROP funding guidelines.

As a start, your proposal should include the following elements:

  1. Project title, scope(s) and objectives: Outline the ideation, the process, and the goals of the project.
  2. Nature of work: Describe the investigative, data collection, trial & test hypothesis, or technical writing aspect of the proposed project.
  3. Budget breakdown: Outline the estimated breakdown cost of the project and funding sources.
  4. Number of student participants required
  5. Task and responsibilities of student participants

Note: The maximum duration of a UROP project is 2 terms.

3. I want to submit a UROP claim

Students will submit their UROP claims via Concur. Please refer to the detailed user guide here.

Mandatory documents required for claim submission:

  1. Scanned copies of original receipts/invoices/bank transactions 
  2. UROP supervisor's approval email