We believe teaching reinforces understanding and learning of the individual, and fosters peer-to-peer support and collaborative learning. UTOP opens up opportunities for students to impart knowledge they learned during their course of study in SUTD.

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I am interested in initiating a 3D printing workshop. Must I fulfil the minimum 26 contact hours within a term to be eligible for the UTOP certificate?
To be eligible for UTOP certification, your entire UTOP activity must fulfil a minimum of 26 contact hours (of which 1/3 of the total contact hours can be considered towards course preparatory/administrative work. However, it need not be within a term. It can be, for example, within a 3-day workshop too.

I wish to submit a student-initiated workshop proposal. When is the deadline for submission?
There is no deadline for student-initiated workshop proposal submissions as we accept proposals all year round! You have to look for a faculty/staff advisor to acknowledge the proposal. Incomplete submissions will not processed. Send in early for review in time for your activity as student proposals may take up to 2 weeks for review.

I know of a peer/undergraduate who does teaching without any pay or recognition; can I recommend him/her for UTOP?
Know of someone who fits the requirements but is not recognised? Write to us at utop@sutd.edu.sg!