Guide for Faculty/Staff

UTA Request

Need a helping hand? Faculty can submit your UTA request to UTOP Office via SAMS UTOP Portal during the UTA request period (refer to schedule).

To qualify for UTA request, the module/subject must have run at least once, so that undergraduates who have taken the module before can be engaged as UTA.

Student-initiated Workshops

Faculty may be approached by students to be an advisor for their own self-initiated UTOP workshops.

The role of an advisor is to provide support and advice on the students' activity. He/she may simply act as a resource, moderator or to point students in the right direction whenever necessary. He/she is also required to endorse the students' proposal plan prior to submission and student timesheet once the activity is completed.

Student Evaluation

Towards the end of the UTOP activity, faculty/staff advisors will be asked to verify the contact hours accumulated by each UTOPer. To qualify for the UTOP certificate, students need to fulfil 26 contact hours (defined as teaching interaction, of which up to one third of the hours can be considered towards course preparatory or administrative work).

How is UTOP different from other schemes?