Guide for Students

1. I want to apply as a UTOPer

If you love to assist faculty in classes and answer burning questions from your juniors, join us as our undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA)!

UTA Application opens in week 10. Look out for our email invitation and apply. You may check your eligibility here.

2. I want to initiate a workshop

If you are keen to conduct your own workshop within or outside SUTD, submit your teaching proposal to us!

All student-initiated workshop proposals must be submitted via MyPortal and approved by the UTOP Office. Your proposal should include the following elements:

  1. A detailed lesson plan (download the sample template)

  2. Evidence of SUTD’s unique pedagogy (if possible)

  3. Clear alignment with SUTD’s outreach direction

  4. Budget breakdown (Note: UTOP funding is only meant for teaching materials and consumables)

  5. SUTD Faculty/Staff advisor

Students are required to source for their own faculty/staff advisor. The advisor has to endorse their proposal and lesson plan during submission. Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

The review process may take up to 2 weeks, do send your proposals early in time for your proposed activity.
Here are some tips on how to develop a lesson plan:
Reference 1 
Reference 2 

See our past student workshops here.