SUTD tops students’ overseas experiences with quality networking opportunities with leaders across wide ranging multi-disciplines

04 Dec 2018

Come 2019, SUTD have curated top quality overseas experiences and will offer over 600 of these opportunities for its students. In collaboration with 41 institutions from over 14 countries, the unique and extensive opportunities range from customized leadership courses, exclusive studios, entrepreneurship, research, internships among others. The latest additions to these overseas opportunities include the deepening of SUTD’s strategic partnership with Aalto University and a new academic partnership with Slush Academy, both located in Helsinki, Finland.
The collaboration with Aalto University will include student and faculty exchange and mobility, joint teaching, joint research projects, and concerted efforts in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship. SUTD will also host Aalto University’s faculty for visiting professorships. With the Slush programme, students will receive intense entrepreneurship training that will involve performing internships in top VCs and growth companies, and mentoring from some of established founders of start-ups. 
Through these increased partnerships, SUTD’s most sought-after Global Exchange Programme saw a 125% increase in the number of semester exchange opportunities overseas. With the inclusion of the two latest collaborations, SUTD has increased the number of overseas opportunities for its students in 2019 to over 600. Depending on the programme type, there are fully and partially SUTD-sponsored programmes, as well as, programmes co-funded by both universities or partners, and paid for by students.

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