Sing Lun – SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT) Grant

The Sing Lun – SUTD Freshmore Asian Cross-curricular Trips (FACT) Grant was established to support the development of SUTD students’ global exposure and networks with peers from around the world.

What is FACT?

FACT is a programme that is incorporated into specific Freshmore courses and offers 1-week short immersion trips to partner universities in ASEAN and China. Freshmore (first year) students will have the exciting opportunity to "see the world" and develop their world view right from the beginning of the SUTD journey.

Mr Patrick Lee Kwok Kie, Chairman of Sing Lun Holdings Pte Ltd, President of Yangzheng Foundation, and Chairman of Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital’s Board of Directors, generously donated $1 million to establish the new Sing Lun Scholarship and Bursary at SUTD.  The Sing Lun Group is a privately-owned enterprise with a diverse range of business interests worldwide. The Company was incorporated in 1951 and has always place its CSR focus in 3 key areas, namely Healthcare for the elderly and less fortunate, Education for the under privileged and Cultural appreciation.  Through the scholarships and bursaries, the Group hopes to provide opportunities to deserving students and financial assistance to students in need and help build a more inclusive and better society.