Merit Awards

SUTD is grateful for the support of our donors in establishing these Merit Awards exclusive to SUTD students. These awards seek to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students in academic and non-academic spheres.

The objective of the Merit Awards is to recognise SUTD students for their outstanding achievements. Students who demonstrate academic excellence, active co-curricular involvement, strong community spirit and good leadership qualities will be considered for the Merit Awards. Some awards are given automatically based on performance, others by application.

The Award will only be given if there is a candidate of sufficient merit. Where there is more than one candidate of equal merit, the award and/or prize money will be shared equally amongst the award recipients.

Summary of Awards and Eligibility

Merit Awards


Course and Programme-Linked Awards

Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)
Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI)
  • DBS Awards of Excellence

    • The top student in the DAI programme in Junior Year
    • The top student in the DAI programme in Senior Year
Engineering Product Development (EPD)
Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)
Computer Science and Design (CSD)
Master of Science in Security by Design (MSSD)
Master of Science in Urban Science, Policy and Planning (MUSPP)