Advisory and Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019):

  • faculty-esdfaculty-yue-mu-2020-126x150
    Mu Yue Lecturer Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) Statistics, Healthcare, Economics & Public Policy
  • epdfaculty-yuen-chau-126x150
    Chau Yuen Associate Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Infocomm Applications, 5G / 6G, Advanced Connectivity, Autonomous vehicles, Communications and Connectivity, Edge intelligence and computing, Internet of Things / IOT, Smart Facilities Management, Smart Grids, Smart Nation, Urban Mobility, Wireless Networks
  • sutd-epd-faculty-zhang-yongwei-126x150
    Yong Wei Zhang Adjunct Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering
  • istd-faculty-shuhao-zhang-2021-126x150
    Shuhao Zhang Assistant Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Secure Computing, Software Design, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Data Science
  • hass-faculty-zhao-zhenxing-2021-126x150
    Zhenxing Zhao Lecturer Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Arts, Humanities
  • asd-faculty-zheng-kai-126x150
    Kai Zheng SUTD Faculty Fellow Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) Computation, Sustainable Design Science, Architectural Design
  • people-smt-faculty-Julia-Zhu-small-126x150
    Yajuan (Julia) Zhu Senior Lecturer Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)