• epdfaculty-kristin-l-wood-126x150
    Kristin L. Wood Visiting Professor, Director of the Design Innovation and Design Odyssey Program & Founding Head of Pillar (EPD) Engineering Product Development (EPD) Design Science
  • epd-faculty-wu-ping-2021-126x150
    Ping Wu Associate Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Material Science
  • people-smt-faculty-Wu-Chunfeng-small-126x150
    Chunfeng Wu Senior Lecturer Engineering Product Development (EPD), Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) Quantum Physics, Optics, Photonics, Quantum Physics, Optics, Photonics
  • faculty_blank
    Kansheng Wu Adjunct Lecturer Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)
  • istd-faculty-zehui-xiong-2023-126x150
    Zehui Xiong Assistant Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) 5G / 6G, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science, Edge Intelligence and Computing, Federated Learning, Internet of Things / IOT, Networked and Autonomous Systems, Secure Computing, Smart Nation, Trust Technologies, Wireless Networks
  • faculty-esdfaculty-ying-xu-126x150
    Ying Xu Senior Lecturer Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) Data Science & Analytics, Operations Management, Transportation & Aviation, Supply Chain & Service Operations
  • smt-faculty-xue-hansong-2023-126x150
    Hansong Xue Lecturer Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)
  • hass-faculty-takahiro-yamamoto-2023-126x150
    Takahiro Yamamoto Lecturer Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Humanities, Social Sciences
  • epd-faculty-yang-hui-ying-2024-126x150
    Hui Ying Yang Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Material Science, Additive Manufacturing, Energy and Chemicals, Water
  • epdfaculty-joel-yang-126x150
    Joel Yang Professor & Associate Head of Pillar (EPD) (Research and Advancement) Engineering Product Development (EPD) Material Science, Quantum Physics, Optics, Photonics, Electrical Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Electronics Engineering
  • istd-faculty-david-yau-2021-126x150
    David Yau Professor Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) 5G / 6G, Advanced Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence / AI, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, Communications and Connectivity, Computation, Computing, Cybersecurity, Deep Learning, Digital Economy, Digitalisation, Distributed Ledger Technologies, Edge Intelligence and Computing, Energy Efficient Data Centres, Evolutionary Computing, Federated Learning, Human-Machine Interfaces, Robotics, Automation and Control, Infocomm Applications, Internet of Things / IOT, Machine Learning, Networked and Autonomous Systems, Networks, Optimisation, Privacy Preservicing Technologies, Robotics, Secure Computing, Sensors, Smart Grids, Smart Nation, Surveillance Robotics, Telecommunication Systems, Trust Technologies, Wireless Networks
  • epdfaculty-ye-ai-126x150
    Ai Ye Associate Professor Engineering Product Development (EPD) Bio-Medical Engineering, BioMedtech, Biosensors, Mechanobiology, Microfluidics and Microsystems